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I still can’t believe with all the commentary that has been written on the problems of this post, people are still re blogging this without even a second thought. The purpose of the second picture is not to bring to light Obama’s cooperation with the Nigerian government in using drone style tactics in the North? Is it talking about the new drone base in Niger, the use of drones in Somalia? Is this a reference to Obama’s hypocrisy as he continues to knowingly allow American companies and nationals to trade arms and pillage the eastern DRC after decades of US policy that deliberately sold billions of dollars worth of arms to all countries involved in the conflict, arguably to make the nation easier to exploit? No, it isn’t even referencing Obama’s aggression in the African continent, talk-less of the problems US Imperialism will cause in our country (Nigeria). You want our solidarity, but then you think you have the right to co-opt our political movements to discuss your issues, which you deem to more important. There is a way to call Barack Obama (and Michelle Obama too, because of course she must know that this image will be used to mobilize support for any possible “humanitarian intervention” in Nigeria) without showing this total disregard for Black African lives. When you do things like this it just shows how great your disregard for Black African life is. This is a Nigerian political movement about Nigerians and our country. This is an incredibly important thing, to see such a strong wave of political consciousness ripple through our nation (especially when we have developed such an apathetic attitude to our corrupt leaders and political system). I am beyond tired of seeing people co-opt this to discuss their own issues, it is incredibly disrespectful. What even is the meaning of that sign? Boko Haram have been killing thousands of men, women and children in the most violent and brutal of ways for the past four years. They use sexual violence as a weapon, but according to this sign that is not worth discussing because the suffering of Nigerians is deemed lesser than those who have suffered under under the drone policy (not even acknowledging the use of drones in the African continent)? Do the lives of Black Africans mean anything to you people at all? So shameless with your anti-blackness you don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

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